Keep Out!

I really had no intention of Alexander taking over my blog, but it'd be logical since he is taking over my life!

As many of you know I am heading our school's Ways and Means Committee (fundraising) and with our large annual auction coming up I am busy with brainstorming and planning and organizing and meetings. Many meetings. I do try to schedule them when Alexander is in class so that I do not have to drag him along and bore him to tears. Poor kid had to come to two fairly long meetings this week. He did well. I was proud of him for keeping his complaining to a minimum. Today he sat next to my friend Maria. Alexander loves Maria. To say he is smitten with her would be a great understatement. Seriously, her husband of 6'4" had better watch out! It didn't help that she was wearing a soft as anything cashmere sweater. So while I was talking and listening I caught glimpses out of the corner of my eye flirting with and pawing at Maria. At one point Alexander drew some scribbles on to a sheet of note paper, tore it out and gingerly handed it to Maria. Then, batting his eyelashes he handed over the scribbled-on piece of paper and said "This is for you for your little brothers so you can put it up on your bedroom door and tell them to keep out!"

Gee, anyone wonder where he got that from?!!