The Jerk

I couldn't take it anymore. I just couldn't. The incessant name calling. I hate that Alexander says these words all the time. I hate that the older two hurl them across the room without a thought. It's really upsetting and it has to stop. I can't punish Alexander since he really is too young to understand why he shouldn't call people Jerks. Luckily (save for the one isolated incident in the juice aisle yesterday) he keeps these words to himself. I have lectured him repeatedly about using them in public, in the classroom and near his friends. Sending the older two to their rooms doesn't cut it either. I decided to try Andrea's idea and have a little jar that the older two would have to deposit a Quarter in to every time they said a bad or unkind word. When I had had it, really had it, I asked the older two to go to their rooms and get me two dollars a piece. Enough was enough. Of course they protested and started bickering about who says Jerk more. He does. She does. He does. She does. Blah-blah-blah. I told them I would go upstairs and take the money myself. They had to pay up. And then I showed them the jar. And we just all burst into fits of hysteria. As though it was the funniest thing we had ever seen. And guess what? They stopped fighting! Hallelujah! I never got the money but the same result was achieved. Until,

Alexander said the F-Word!

And I tried to scold him but by this time the other two were laughing so hard they were crying and it was damn near impossible to keep a straight face and I succumbed to the laughter and therefore all my efforts to try to discipline Alexander were for naught.

I am so screwed!
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