Floral Arranging 101

My Son clearly spends too much time with his Mama! Yesterday he went out to play for a while and came back, banging on the kitchen door, fists filled with goodies he had collected from the outdoors. He placed the items, sticks, branches, acorns, dead leaves, gingerly on the kitchen table and said he wanted to do something with his stuff. He, initially asked for the glue, but I had no paper large enough, and the thought of more pine needles shedding all over my home so soon after Christmas sent my heart racing. He agreed to do something else with them instead. Then he told me that he wanted to make a centerpiece. So I gave him an inexpensive vase and let him work away. He was quite proud of his end result which now sits on display in our foyer! I love that this was all Alexander's idea! I bet you would have fun doing a similar project with your little ones.