A+D (ointment) = Shiny Shoes!

I learned a great trick from my grandmother when I was younger. To erase scuffs on shoes dab a soft cloth into a little bit of Vaseline. It works like a charm and I have resorted to this old trick for many years.

I didn't know what to do when both pairs of nice black boots looked a little too beat up to be worn. All they needed was a good polish. I couldn't find the black polish and I couldn't find the big tub of Vaseline either.

We were late in getting out and I needed to wear my boots. So after ransacking all the drawers in the bathroom I found an old tube of A+D diaper rash ointment. I dabbed some on my finger and gently applied it to the tip of my boots. Guess what? It worked like a charm! So I ended up with shiny boots that smelled a lot like a baby's bottom!

I have a tube of Lansinoh nipple cream. It's been years since I have nursed a child, but I am still not willing to throw out a perfectly good $10 tube of nipple cream. So I use it as a lip moisturizer. Nothing works as well as protecting my lips during this Susie Chapstick Season!

Do you have any A-HA Uses you would like to share?