Oh boy...

I might need another run to the paint store... the dining room is blue. Really blue. Too blue. Too light blue. The paint swatch seemed a more masculine tone and yet when you place the swatch on the wall it does match up. But I'm not loving it. The stripes still need to get painted and maybe that will help. It is a darker blue. But I am afraid it is still too blue. Oye. Even Don agreed... It looks like Christopher's room in the old house... all that's missing are the Pottery Barn Wall Paper cut outs on the walls... Aye Carumba!

These pictures were taken earlier... now there is now blue below the chair rail as well. The room needs to dry overnight and then the painters will come back and work on the shadow striping... but I am afraid! I am very afraid!

(Below is Christopher's old room ... looks remarkably like the new dining room! Oh someone please tell me it will all be OK!!!!)