Disaster Averted!

We went out last night to see the fabulous Pumpkin Spectacular. Afterwards we were all invited to a friend's house for dessert. The children were all downstairs and the adults were upstairs enjoying a little dessert, glass of wine and uninterrupted (for the most-part) adult conversation. Suddenly I heard screams. Alexander screams. I listened for a second or two and decided they were a decibel or two above the girls-not-leaving-him-alone screams. I rushed to the stairs as he was being carried up by Jennee and Sid. Apparently he tried to copy Margaret by jumping off of one couch and onto another. Margaret is 7 and Alexander is 3. And while Alexander knows fully well that we do not jump on any type of furniture at home or anywhere, he must have gotten caught up in the action. Well his small body did not make it all the way to the other side. His head made it to the coffee table. That would explain the sheer screams. Flashback to 4 years ago when Christopher tried this same dumb stunt in our family room and he too smacked the back of his head on the corner of the coffee table... blood splattering everywhere. Not good for a squeamish girl like me.
I took Alexander from Jenee and held him in my arms. I could see no visible damage on his head (Thank God!) but when he opened his mouth to cry I saw bright red. Inside. On the left. I called to Don in my calm panicked mode (as opposed to my panic-panicked mode!) and told him to come over to where I was... now. I passed the baby (I still call him that sometimes) and told him that there was blood in his mouth. In the back. On the left. I could not tell whether he had bitten his tongue or his cheek. Don went to find a brighter spot so he could take a good look. I tried to tell myself that a lot of blood didn't necessarily mean a lot of damage. Mouth and head wounds often bleed badly even if the injury is minimal. Don couldn't get a good look so we went in to the bathroom. We sat him on the sink and got him to open his mouth really wide. And there I saw it the bright red.............................................................Jujyfruit stuck in his tooth!