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Seriously, Why?

Why did I go to Target? Why?
Like my middle needs any more expanding...
Because they are new... because I have to try everything new?
Because they make the most UNBELIEVABLE Caramel Apple cookies!
Because I will make many more UNBELIEVABLE things I suspect?
Because I have a fat and lazy ass...

Speaking of fat and lazy asses...

I am officially The Lazy Ass Housewife.

As I sit here with my laptop on my lap, glass of wine to my left and a scrumdidly-umptious Caramel Apple cookie in my right hand (very hard to type!) my kitchen is vacuuming itself. Well, sorta!

My Roomba was given to me as a gift from my lovely, thoughtful and romantic husband a few years ago. It really is wonderful. Right now it is busily cleaning my kitchen, without me! It really does a great job. What's more it entertains the kids! It's like a pet. A pet that you don't have to feed. A pet that doesn't poop! A pet you don't have to clean up after!

Maybe I'll get a Scooba for Christmas this year! (It mops!)

Meggie, Joe and I

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