Introducing the Goo-Goo Dolls... or Hide Yer Make-up!

We had a full and entertaining house yesterday with, at one point, up to 7 kids running around. Rebecca had two of her friends over and Christopher had 2 of his friends over. Alexander floated back and forth between the two sets of kids. For most of the afternoon the older boys dominated the Wii in attempt to figure out some map or other on Lego's Indiana Jones. The girls danced, painted, drew, chatted... did the thing that girly tweens tend to like to do... include playing with make-up.

Someone asked Alexander if he wanted to play dress up and he got all excited so they ran upstairs to find Rebecca's old dresses. A few minutes later I heard absolute fits of giggles. I got the camera all ready -- I could tell this was going to be a camera-worthy moment. I had no idea that they decided to paint Alexander's face with make-up... and then their own.

Where did they learn this skill?

The Tammy Faye Bakker Beauty School?