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Lovin' that Lilly!

I have been running around after the kids like crazy these past couple of days. Life has been so hectic that I haven't had a moment to think let alone write, however there is something I just had to tell some of you out there with little ones... Costco carries Lilly. I swear to God and I am not kidding in the least. I would never kid about such a thing! Lovely little shifts for little girls 2T - 7. Each dress was just $23.95. Sadly my little girl is not so little and there was nothing in her size. Had there been I would have bought one in each flavor... and there were so many wonderfully sherberty flavors to choose from. Well, my loss might be your gain! If you do not belong to a Costco this might be reason enough to join! Now if they could sell some mini Jack Rogers...

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