another day in Paradise!

Day 1:
Rebecca walks in to the condo and in to the kitchen. She saw something and said "Oh good, they are still here!" She sounded quite relieved. I wandered over to where she was standing and saw the wine glasses hanging upside-down from the glass holder!

Alexander: "Mommy, can I hass some cookies for breaksast?"
Me: "No."
Alexander: "Please?"
Me: "No."
Alexander: "Please?"
Me: "No."
Alexander: "Pleeeeeeeee-eeeeeeese?"
Me: "Nope."
Alexander: "Pleeeeeee-eeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeese?
Me: "Noooooooo-oooooooo-ooooooo!"
Alexander: "Well, then I am running away!"
Me: "I will miss you!"
Alexander: "Bye!"
(He heads out the door and stops dead in his tracks.)
Alexander: "First I need my sippy cup!"

I just love the colors in this picture of Alexander trying to lift his pail!

Tattoo Beach!

Cousin Graham has become Alexander's bff!

the lovely Miss Rebecca!


Who's hiding behind those Foster Grants?

Happy Birthday Tia!

Pre-Teen Beauty School!

Yesterday was another picture perfect day in sunny Southern Maine. I wondered how I would be able to handle my trio with Daddy out of the picture and in New Jersey for the day but we managed just fine. Even when it came to Alexander wanting to swim and jump in the fairly big surf. He had many cousins willing and able to help. They delighted in doing so and he delighted in their attention.

As has been the case while on our trip Alexander has been getting up with the birds and not napping and passing out at the end of the day either on the way home from the beach or almost as soon as we get home. Our evenings have been relaxing and low key. This is really feeling like a vacation, whereas in the past I have always felt as though I have needed a vacation to recover from my vacation.