What I did for love...

The kids wanted to swim in the pool last night. We had been out all day and I had promised them earlier that they would be able to. Of course as soon as we got to the house I went back on my word. Honestly I could have cared less if the older two had gone for a swim. It was 8:00pm, 69 degrees out; the sun was hiding behind the clouds and starting to set. It was not warm out by any means and still, kids will be kids and they wanted to go swimming. I am quite certain you could have heard my groans all the way out in California.

I would have been quite content lounging on a chair, poolside in my warm wintry fleece but with Alexander by my side this was not remotely in the realm of possibility. If Rebecca and Christopher go swimming then Alexander goes too. And that means so do I. Ugh what to do? What to do? Then Good Mom kicked in. How often do my kids get to swim in cool (read freezing cold!) weather in Sunset? Not many! So, for the sake of a memory that will hopefully last a lifetime I decided to put on my Big Girl Panties and suck it up (and suck it in!) It was cold out for certain but the water was actually quite warm. The squeals of delight and the laughter and splashes made it all worth while. The fun they had last night was worth every freezing second of it!

Btw, he is wearing a suit with built-in floaties... he's not quite that built!