To catch a thief

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(a girl can dream can't she!)

Christopher is forever losing things. He simply does not pay attention to anything. He has a special brief case for his Nintendo DS disks. (For those of you who do not have 7 year old boys the Nintendo DS is a small, handheld electronic video game.) Christopher is supposed to keep his disks in a special brief case. Usually he is pretty good about taking care of these little disks, but every once in a while a game gets lost. I come down pretty hard on him when he does misplace a game because they are not terribly cheap. He needs to learn to be more responsible. Quite a few of these games are missing. I should say quite a few were missing. On Thursday morning I was cleaning out my closet trying to decide which shoes I should pack and decided that since I had no dressy event to attend in the next couple of weeks I would pack up all my dress shoes. I gathered a bunch up in my arms when from a of rose colored, mid-heeled mule tumbled out a few Nintendo DS disks! I know for certain that Christopher did not place them in my shoe... I have a pretty good idea who the disk thief was!