Come to My Window

I have a love-hate relationship with this skylight. I love that I can see the world as she changes almost hourly. In the wee wee hours of the morning when the sky is as black as it can be the stars and moon often shine down on me on my bed. I can see the sky change from her royal blues and purples to more pastel, calmer colors, then bighten up as the sun rises overhead. In the depths of the winter the world looks white and grey. In the springtime the tree overhead turns a wonderful emerald shade of green and remains vibrant through the summer months the green partners perfectly with the clear blue sky. In the fall the leaves turn to fiery reds, oranges and yellows. From this window I need no clock or calendar. I have seen minutes pass by and months and years. Ten years alas! I have watched, quite literally as time has flown by my window. When the kids were little we would all lie down on our big, comfortable bed and look up toward the sky... the deep dark winter Christmas Eve sky. Our eyes glued on the blackness, lights out in our room, a red light would slowly cross the skylight. Every year we would lie and wait for Rudolph to lead Santa and the other reindeer across the cold December sky. That's what Christopher will miss most about the skylight. (This "magic" was very carefully plotted and planned by Daddy using one of those lazer pointers used in lectures.)

Very clever, isn't he?!

In the winter months when the kids anticipate a snow day all I have to do is look up and see whether our skylight window has been blanketed in white or not. If I can not see out the window I know I can drift back off to sleep and we'll have a leisurely morning... If I can see out then I know I will meet some tired, disappointed faces in no time.

There are times, however, when this window is anything but relaxing or tranquil. Whenever a big storm looms overhead there is no way to keep out the the bright flashes of light that permeate the soul in even the deepest of sleep. The booming sounds of thunder seem to resonate louder through the glass overhead and when the rains come down fast and furious not even a pair of earplugs can keep out the deafening noise. However, these instances are not commonplace. I hope the next residents appreciate My Window as much as I have.