A Good Thing... for me!

I have been wanting to have my teeth professionally whitened for a little over a year now. I haven't gotten to it for a couple of reasons. The first reason is the price tag... $500 is a lot for a set of pearly whites. The second is that I loathe dentists and am severely overdue. I went a year and a half ago and the dentist yelled at me for being afraid. I have tried several. None of them anything to write in the blog about. Afraid to show my age -- and thankfully I have been mistaken for being in my early 30s, even late 2os -- I know that yellowing teeth are the signs of aging... or smoking... or indulging in too much red wine. Heck, we all know I am guilty of that one!

So the other day I was perusing the tooth brush/tooth paste/ tooth whitening aisle and decided to give the Crest White Strips a try. They promised 14 days to a whiter smile with results after just 5 days. Well I'll be darned... These things really work! You apply this clear pliable plastic strip to your teeth which is just ever so lightly coated with the bleaching agent and go about doing what you would ordinarily do. After 30 minutes you peel the strip off and brush the remaining goop away. Not only do these really work -- I've performed a little test by applying the strips to the upper teeth to see if there really is a difference. The uppers are brighter with a sparkle that the lowers do not.

Instead of a mid afternoon snack I go upstairs and apply my Crest White Strip. After a half an hour my food craving goes away. By the time I have peeled the strip off my teeth are shiny and clean and the desire to eat has completely gone away. I have worn my strips all over the place. Even to the nail salon yesterday and no one suspected a thing.

Hopefully after 14 days I will have a whiter smile AND a thinner middle!