Call The Cops!

I took the kids out for breakfast to the local (not so great) bagel eatery. We needed to vacate the Crazy Crowded House for 2 back to back house showings. I couldn't think of any place else to go. I wanted to give them a fairly nutritious breakfast -- though not too sure what's so great about a plain bagel with cream cheese. At least they snacked on a bowl of fruit while they waited for their bagels. I have never seen anyone eat a bagel as slowly as Alexander. First he has to lick off the cream cheese, one finger-dip at a time, and when there is no trace of white left on top he starts to pick at the bread. After an hour, but what feels like a week, Alexander is ready to be cleaned off... wiped down! I think the missing cream cheese ended up on his pants, not in his tummy!

After all was said and done and I managed to get him suited back up for the blustery March day. Alexander flat out refused to take my hand. No way was I about to let him walk untethered, without holding my hand, out near a busy parking lot. After several refusals of my generous hand offerings I swooped him up in my arms and carried him to the car.

Alexander resisted me the entire way, kicking and screaming, shouting "Help! Help! Somebody help me!" Rebecca burst out into fits of hysterics all the while I hoped a policeman was not within earshot!