An Unexpected Gift

It takes more than one bad thing to ruin your day; Unless that bad thing means not having enough coffee in your house to brew your morning cuppa Joe! Unless your day is just a Domino game of things gone awry, you can pretty much wipe our hands off of whatever was troubling you, get over it and move on. Yet when something good happens, no matter how large or small it really can brighten up even the dreariest of days... especially when that something is completely unexpected. Getting flowers from your husband is lovely, but every once in a while something lovelier happens. Your children actually put that smile upon your face!

We opened up the Cranium Super Fort Mega Builder that Christopher got for Christmas. This required putting some other items away, in the basement, which I had been wanting to do for a long time. Our Crazy CrowdedHouse is simply not large enough for everything to be out and played with all at once. Today I was able to do so without protest!

I opened up the box, not overly large, containing 88 construction pieces of varying shapes and sizes, and the kids decided to build a boat. When all was said and done (easily done, even by a dummy like me!) the kids declared they had a Pirate Ship! Rebecca went up to get her tea set, and sailing, sailing over the family room floor were Captains Rebecca and Alexander enjoying a nice cup of Pirate Tea. They must have been playing together so nicely for a good half an hour before Pirate Alexander ransacked the ship!

I commend Cranium for another fabulous game/toy that certainly will be enjoyed by all my children. Another kudos to Cranium is their packaging. There were not a million little pieces of twisted metal and plastic to be undone and removed. Upon opening the box we were able to start construction immediately!

So thank you Cranium for making my day!

For information on this and other wonderful Cranium products please visit their website at