It happened. It finally happened. The laptop got to a point where she could take no more. She started to fade before my very eyes and it was ever so tragic and ever so sad. Don has, for months now, been telling me to ship her off to the Farmer. (We have a Dell) I have been putting it off because without my laptop I am completely paralyzed! It will be 2 - 3 weeks before I am able to be reunited with her again. I feel like a smoker in need of a smoke... a drinker in need of a drink... a chocolaholic in need of some chocolate. Only, this is worse. Much worse! I am now on the kids computer tucked away up in the office. I can not spend too much time on here as Alexander is forbidden from this room and he cannot go unsupervised for more than a nanosecond. I turned the machine on this morning and I keep popping in to check postings and emails and other messages. I need an excuse to keep coming upstairs and because I do the upstairs is totally spottless. I never realized how dependent I was on my computer. House phone, don't need it. Cell phone, don't need it. Computer, I am nothing without it. I don't want to talk to anyone... I just like to get little notes here and there. Like in the olden days when people actually got letters in the mail and eople actually looked forward to opening their mailboxes... my computer is really my liaison to the outside world. For the next couple of weeks I will be happy enough with this. Beggars can not be choosers. So it is attached to a wall via a cord, it is something. I will try to post regularly, but if I can not you will understand, I hope, and forgive me, I hope.