Busy Busy Busy!

Almost no time to blog today!
Christopher's Birthday is tomorrow and I woke in a panic (as I do on most days, these days) realizing that I had done NADA about it. I had gifts to get, cupcakes to bake for class, an ice cream cake to order for tomorrow evening, money to get for tonight's sitter and tomorrow morning's sitter and I would ask tonight's sitter to wait until tomorrow but I have two different sitters this time...

The presents have been purchased and the cupcakes are fresh out of the oven. They still need to cool before I decorate them. There'll be plenty of time to cool as I have to take Rebecca back to ice skating practice tonight from 6:00 - 7:30. The boys can have pb&j for dinner. Oh, I totally forgot to plan that in! I will wrap the gifts tomorrow... sometime! I have a Mamo in the morning (oh joy) and Christopher's class party at 2:15.

I am home now for a half an hour before going back out to get the sitter. Her car broke down and she needs transportation. No biggie. So I have a little downtime.

I would start the cupcakes now, but they really have to be cool to decorate. Each one will be like a little garden. I will have half in green sprinkles, half in chocolate ones. From the middle will be a lollipop (to resemble a blooming flower) and a little worm at the base of the cupcake garden. I made these for Rebecca's class and Christopher loved them so much he asked me to replicate them. Time consuming, but very easy to do.

Christopher will be getting a couple of games for the wii, a hockey jersey, some Legos, a science kit and a $100 bill. Yes, more than anything he wants a $100 bill. So I found a wallet he would like and that will go in it. He is saving for a John Deere tractor to ride on. A mini version of the one his dad has. He has been saving for about a year and a half and has justabout enough money for one. Of course we have to wait until we move from the Crazy Crowded House so that we have a nice long driveway, but he'll be excited just knowing he has enough. As soon as he gets his car/tractor he wants to start saving his money again. This time he wants a laptop. A Dell in fact. He is so good about saving money that I worry about his future. I would hate for him to end up marrying someone like his mother or sister who would come along and spend it all!