Appologies from a Blogger-slacker -- What we've Been Up To!

I have made no New Year's Resolutions until now. I simply do not believe in them. I am not going to resolve to lose 10 pounds because the minute I resolve to to something the opposite happens and I am too chicken to try to say the reverse into tricking myself to do something as the reverse could actually happen. So, I will not make any crazy resolution saying I will blog every day for you, but I will try to be a better, more faithful and reliable blogger!

before I say any more I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBECCA! My firstborn, my baby girl turns 9 today... it seems like just yesterday my live as I knew it was over! As "Owiezander" would say "Betta, I lot you!"

It's 6:27 am and I have been up for two and a half hours already. I tried to go back to sleep but eventually gave up the battle, got some coffee and decided to take some time to myself to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Rebecca and I took the train in to the city yesterday and met her Grandma there. We had a lovely girl's afternoon at the American Girl Store. Rebecca got a doll from her grandmother, a doll with the money she had saved and some doll clothes and matching outfit from me. We went upstairs to the Cafe and had tea. It just blows my mind that my little girl is growing up. "Double Digits next year!" She tells me. In some ways she is growing up and in some ways she is still very much a little girl. Parenting at this age is so very confusing. (Not sure when it is not confusing, actually!) I never know when to treat her like a little girl, or a more grown up child, but we're navigating these sometimes choppy waters together. What I know is this; She is beautiful and funny and a good person with a great big heart. She is an amazing kid. I know that we had so much fun together yesterday. I know that she needs more time alone with me... maybe I will make a resolution... I will make more time for special mother daughter days!

The Middle Child, My Oldest Boy

Christopher is about to turn 7... I have no idea when that happened either. He is growing like a weed and is almost as tall as his 9 year old sister. His hair is getting darker --hopefully a Spring trip to Jamaica can restore some of his gorgeous blonde ;) Christopher is my quiet kid... Is the Middle One often this way. He can get overlooked because he is so easy going. He is my peacemaker (unless the battle is vs. Big Sister) and the politician. He is a philosopher and a money saver. He is obsessed with television (great) and our Wii. We got our Wii for Christmas. I love it as it keeps the kids active when it is too cold to run around outside. Moo and Popsy are coming today. We are going to teach them how to go bowling on the Wii. Hopefully it won't be too technical for Dad! Christopher is my mathematician and was recently abducted by aliens because he has become quite the little reader too! (He read a Magic Tree House book in less than 24 hours!) I have big hopes for this kid. I'd like to retire early ;)

Last But Not Least...

No words can adequately describe Alexander. He is truly unique. Not quite two and a half he loves fire trucks and is obsessed with Good night Moon. We have the book, as well as the companion called My World, the video (a lovely compilation of stories and lullabies) and now the board game. Alexander can recite the book. But I think he is color blind.
"Alexander, what color is that balloon?"
"It's GREEN, Mama!"
Alexander plays soccer and takes a cooking class. He loves to draw and read and plug things into outlets. He is a danger to himself and can manipulate all the outlet covers -- the sliders as well -- all my safety drawer and door locks. I have Poison Control on my Rolodex. They greet me by name. Ok, not really... not yet in any case! Yesterday he went into the kitchen and closed the door. After a few minutes, and too quiet for my liking I went in there. He got the Windex and some paper towels and was cleaning my floor. He got yelled at and a two-year-old-appropriate lecture on the dangers of "chemals". (My floor was nice and shiny!) The other day I was folding laundry in the basement and came back up. Alexander was no where to be found... I heard him in my room. He "broke into" my bathroom cupboard (Yes, it has a First Years kid proof latch) got my hair dryer and plugged it in to the wall. He was thisclose to turning it on..... ARGHHHH! I took it away... a major tantrum ensued. I was able to calm him down by singing 50 verses of Blow-Blow Dry Your Hair! (to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat) Look, it's not like I can carry my 35 pound kid around in a Bjorn anymore!

6:55 am -- Owiezander is awake and he beckons!