Where do I begin?

Have I been so busy that I have not been able to sit down and organize my thoughts? Has nothing at all been going on in our lives? Could life with three kids be that dull that I have nothing whatsoever to talk about? Could I possibly be as lazy as anything? That's probably what it is...

Halloween came and went with a plethora of candy and a new fan of sugar. Alexander got the hang of Trick or Treating immediately. He quickly became King of the Candy. After ringing a doorbell he would shout "CANDEEEEE" at the top of his lungs and take off, on a tear, to the next door. For the next few days all he wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner was candy. It was cute the first day. He would have major tantrums over his Punkin, where his candy was stored. Tantrums turned into battles and I was determined to hold my own. Candy is not for a 2 year old. Rebecca had no idea what candy was when she was 2. Owie is not Rebecca. Nor is he a first child. Since he has no nut allergy I can not use that to my favor either as I had with Rebecca. Alexander knows what candy is and loves it. It's sad to say and I wish I could say this was not the case. Funny thing though -- all Alexander really wanted to do was take a bite out of his candy. He wasn't in it for the sugar, but the thrill of wining another victory in the Battle With Momma. He would unwrap a peice of chocolate, take a bite and then spit it out. Not so bad when you look at it that way, right? After a few days I snuck down to the basement while Alexander was napping and emptied the contents into a garbage bag. I did the same thing with the other two Pumpkins. I was now in posession of all Halloween candy. Up in the Christmas corner, above the reach of all children. It's still there and I have no idea why. In years past I would pay the kids to give me their Halloween candy. This year they did not want to. Their loss. They had been allowed to keep 5 pieces and sell me the restfor $20 a piece. Boy did I I get off easy this year!

Giving thanks is what Thanksgiving is all about right? But the most memorable part of the day was long after our stomachs had been filled... long after the goodbyes had been said... long after the sun had set. We were just down the street from home when I peered into a brightly lit living room window of a house that had been vacant and on the market for quite a long time. I had, a few months ago, poked my head inside to see what our direct competition was. I was surprized at what I saw -- a tired looking home in need of some paint, cleaning and TLC. Not too long ago the For Sale sign was gone. A couple bought it for a lot less than asking. I have seen a car in front of the house from time to time, but other than that no life inside that house. Until Thanksgiving Night. In the window of a brightly lit living room I saw a couple dancing slowly, tenderly, most likley celebrating their first Thanksgiving in their new home and I was transported, for a moment, down Memory Lane to our first Thanksgiving in our New Home long before it became the Crazy Crowded House. Rebecca was 10 months old and would be eating her first Turkey as well. Life was so calm and simple back then, just the three of us... so peaceful. Lost in thoughts I smile at the happy memory and at the happy couple in the window and can not help but chuckle to myself if their new home will also become crazy and crowded in a few years time!