Thank God, I finally did something right!

Christopher is not the artist in the family. That's OK, because he doesn't claim to be. It is very rare that he will sit down at the table with his sister and draw, or paint or do whatever creative thing she is doing. But sometimes he does. And when he does he amazes us. He knows when he has done something well too, as we all do when we succeed at something. Lately, when he is pleased with himself, he will show off his masterpiece and ask us if we would like it. This is where the businessman side of him comes out. He's always out to get a buck. So yesterday, after being mighty pleased with his artistic project he offered it to his Dad for a buck. It was so good that his father gave him an entire dollar. (Sometimes we have to negotiate the price down a little to fifty cents, a quater, even a dime.) But yesterday Dad agreed to pay top dollar. Christopher took his money and immediately turned around to me to ask where his Unicef box was. He then told me there were people in the world who needed the money more than he did. A businessman turned philanthropist. I finally did something right!