Mother of the Year?

I sat down to check my emails early on Thursday afternoon and noticed one from the school informing us that classes would be canceled on Friday due to a gas leak that was discovered that morning and in need of immediate repair. Most parents might express concern or worry and first think about the safety of their children. We all know that I am not most parents. Instead, I broke out into a cold sweat. What the hell was I going to do with the kids all home one more day than absolutely necessary? My next thought was to remedy the situation.

While visions of fighting danced through my head
I knew that with no plan I would not get to bed.
In my mind I imagined all the things we could do...
Children's museums, movies, aquariums too...
Those thoughts were no better, not an answer you see
I have just two arms, but kids -- I have three.
Rebecca wants here, and Owie wants there
Christopher whining "It's just not fair!"
I have no more patience -- it's way beyond thin
I need an answer that's a win-win-win!
What will they all like? What can they all do?
Something good for all of my kids ages 8 through 2?
And then, like a dream, it came to me!
A situation ideal for all three...
I picked up the phone and a few calls I did make
My answer as sweet as a big Birthday Cake!
My kids may make fun -- they may call me old
But with this aging brain I believe I struck gold!
Over at school a few moms I did see
I told them of my plan
And with it they did agree!
Without much effort a plan was made
We now had enough kids to start a parade!
I called Don, and he muttered "Oh Jeeesus!"
When I told him the plan was to go to Chuck E. Cheeses!

The kids and the moms really did have fun
And for one shining moment, I was Best, second to none!