Over or Under?

You are either an over or an under kind of a person. If you place your toilet paper on in a certain way, it's pretty hard to switch. Well, I have been an Over kind of person for as long as I can remember. It's second nature. I do not think of that I am doing. Well, now I am going to have to. I need to start being an Under kind of a girl. You see the kids use toilet paper for everything (even though I tell them not to) from cleaning the sink -- they always leave it sopping wet, to blowing their noses to washing their faces, and Alexander even eats the stuff. Well I am sick of the messy, uneven, ragged way they leave it. I am fed up with having to go around and rip off the half squares that are remaining. If I change my TP hanging I will only have to push the roll slightly and the jagged, torn edge will be hidden from view. Sloppy TP ain't pretty to look at and we are getting ready to list the house. September 4th is the day it will officially go on the market. Everything about the house must be spotless and perfect. And this includes the toilet paper. My Charmin will now have to be pulled from under instead of over.