The Dumb Things People Do...

When you walk into a grocery store or a drugstore products are placed on certain areas and in a certain way on purpose. It all comes down to marketing, marketing, marketing... or someone shelling out some big bucks to have Prime Shelf Space.

I hurt my back a few days ago and exacerbated it on Friday while chasingliftingcarrying Alexander practically nonstop. Well wasn't I the bright one. I woke up on Saturday practically unable to walk. The most mundane thing took hours or proved to be excruciating. Motrin (3 caplets) didn't begin to touch the pain nor did the Aleve which I later learned expired a couple of years ago... Oh well. I was glad to have those self adhesive heat patches and was gladder to have an understanding husband willing to get the kids off my hands for a few hours.

This morning, no better after a no good night's sleep I took some more Motrin which managed to take a little bit of the edge off. I somehow managed to shower and be dressed by 7:00 am. Except for Don, no one else was awake and I decided that I would head off to the grocery store before the baby woke up in search of some effective pain relief.

I walked with my shoulders back and my back slightly arched. Imagine a very pregnant person. Well that's how I felt but with the weight at the base of my spine. I dragged myself around the store with the speed of a snail on a garden wall. After I got all the necessities I went over to the Pain Aisle. There was Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, Excedrin, more Motrin, More Advil, More Tylenol and More Excedrin. I was looking for backache medicine. Nothing remotely like that to be seen. I saw Tylenol Back Pain which consisted of aspirin and acetominophen but put the red box back on the shelf. Tylenol doesn't do much for me for minor pain so I was not about to chance it with this.

And there. There it was. Way, way, way down on the bottom shelf. Doan's for back pain relief. And how on earth was I supposed to reach that far down for my relief. I am not Mrs. Stretch Armstrong. What idiot puts back pain medicine and all the back pain heat packs and rubs on the lowest shelf possible -- so low in fact that it is practically in the basement! Luckily my feet have become quite handy over the past few days and I was able to extricate the box from its most inconvenient location.