Daily Necessity -- Sunday, August 5th

I want to be hokey and say "Baby Powder. It's not just for baby's butts anymore!"

Actually, I think you aren't supposed to use baby powder on babies anymore... But I have found three amazing uses for this product. Simply put, every household should have this. If not just one bottle, then three.

The first bottle should be kept in your car or beach bag. Baby powder is amazing for, and the most efficient way of removing sand from feet -- little, big, medium... feet of all sizes and ages! Next time you want your kids to wipe the sand off their feet, pour a little baby powder on to their feet and rub gently. The sand practically melts away. Imagine how much money you can save at the car wash by just applying a little baby powder to sandy feet!

The second bottle should be kept under your kitchen sink or by your washing machine or wherever you keep your stain removers, eg. Shout. I have recently learned that baby powder is great for removing oil and grease stains from clothing. With a sloppy hubby and 3 messy kids this new information was a godsend!

The third bottle should be kept in your bathroom by your beauty supplies. My favorite all-time use for this product should be passed on to busy mothers of young children around the world. While I have a friend who boasts that she can wash her hair and shave every day, frankly I know of no one else with very young children who can. So this tip is for you... wear it well!

If you haven't the time to wash your hair, or anyone to keep an eye on your Curious George of a toddler, if you are experiencing a sever drought, you'll love this. In lieu of a shower and shampoo add small amounts of baby powder to the roots of your hair. (I like to pour a little into my palm first so as not to look like a baking experiment gone wrong.) Not only will it absorb all the excess oil, but the volume it adds can not be replicated by the most expensive volumizing beauty product out there! I am hoping to get a shower in today, but if not, I know I will not have to hide under a baseball cap any more!