More about my Crazy Crowded House

My Crazy Crowded House

My 21 month old's favorite word is "wacuum" -- Polish for vacuum This is quite funny since I am neither Polish, nor do I vacuum -- unless absolutely necessary. He has a little toy Dirt Devil that he worships. He pushes it along all over the place. He dumps out all of his toys... ALL of them and then tries in earnest to clean his mess up with his wacuum. The problem is, and he has not quite figured this out yet, the toy Dirt Devil does not do the job. Sure, it pushes all of the dumped out Matchbox cars, Lego pieces, K'Nex pieces, toy food, crayons, stickers all over the room so that every inch of this 26 foot long floor is 100% completely covered. He is so proud of his clean up that he drops the toy Dirt Devil and walks away leaving me to clean everything in his wake...

I used to have floors. I used to have floors you could see. Some were wood and some were carpeted. Now we have floors but they are secondary to toys and other debris and matter tossed onto the floor by said Toddler in hopes that Mommy will break out the Real Vacuum cleaner. The Real vacuum cleaner is not the Shark carpet sweeper I use for accidental Goldfish spills and the like, nor is it the Roomba, retired under the dining room table. It is our Trusty White Kenmore Canister. My TWKC is hidden upstairs in the What Used To Be The Guestroom But is Now The Office Closet. my Toddler has no idea that it's there and it must be kept that way so please don't tell him! We used to keep the TWKC in the linen closet but Alexander would constantly pull it out and plug it in! (Little Devil) So we had to put the kabosh on that and hide it from him permanently. Of course it comes out (from time to time) but where it goes to is a mystery!

So we used to have a Guest Room. It was rther lovely and cozy. There was a nice big comfy bed, a good bedside table, a reading lamp, cable TV, a grand selection of books and magazines. We never really had all that many guests spend the night, but we had a few on occasion... Now, we have none. Nada. Zip. Zippo. Zilch. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it might have something to do with the fact the The Room has become a comfortable resting place for all that is to be filed, put away, outgrown, despised, and anything else no longer used or loved. Or, could it possibly be the fact that one no longer dares to enter our Crazy Crowded House for any great period of time!

So I wonder, when we move and find ourselves a nice large house will it still be crowded? Will it still be crazy? Secretly, I hope my homes are filled with just the right amount of craziness... it puts a smile on people's faces and laughter in their hearts!